How One Should Manage Panic Attack

mpaBased on our conversation, a good friend of mine has anxiety disorder. She wants to know how to stop a panic attack. She is not comfortable having this condition especially now that she is planning to move to an apartment where she will reside alone. She just got hired in a job in the city and she thinks it is more practical if she moves in a place nearby her workplace. She worries that she’ll have a hard time dealing with this health issue when there is no one to help her out when panic strikes her. I really think that she should seek medical assistance before something really horrible happens to her. She is a smoker and I guess that contributes to her health issue. When we were talking, I already advised her to change her lifestyle. She should start including physical exercises on her daily activities. She should refrain from too much consumption of liquors. Most importantly, she has to learn how to manage stress. She should take time to relax from time to time and find people with whom she can confide with. She has to learn how to control anxiety or she will be the one to be controlled by it.
A Healthy Lifestyle Prevents Panic Attack

I asked a friend how to stop a panic attack. She is a nursing student and I was confident that she knows a lot about anxiety disorder. Thankfully, I was not disappointed for I learned a lot about how to put an end to this undesirable condition through her very helpful pieces of advices. She pointed out that if I really want to get rid of anxiety disorder, I should begin changing my lifestyle. She knows me too well and she is well aware how stubborn I am when it comes to this aspect. She asked me to take regular physical exercises. I am a couch potato whenever there’s no school. I lock myself inside my room doing nothing. My friend told me that I need to burn off excessive adrenaline through engaging in physical activities. She asked me to go to the gym at least twice or thrice a week. She invited me to go swimming or biking with her, too. She also reminded me that cigarettes and alcohol should be avoided. She also informed me that importance of balanced diet in keeping my blood sugar levels at a stable state. I will keep all these mind to fully recover from panic attack.

Panic Attack and Depression

pandMy brother’s condition is really bothering me. He has to be familiar with the most effective ways on how to stop a panic attack. According to our mother, he is suffering from anxiety disorder and he’s not showing willingness to have it treated. Mom suggested him a lot of specialists who can help him do away with his panic attack but he never entertained her. Instead of giving his condition its needed attention, he prefers to just forget about it by simply going out with friends and drinking liquors all night long. Mom thinks my brother is becoming depressed about his current state. I heard that a person is more prone to panic disorder when he is stressed. I guess my brother went through a lot of emotional struggles when he lost his job. His boss fired him because of something that he never did. He suspects that his superior only wanted him out of his way because my brother’s exceptional work performance was starting to get noticed that time. I just wish my brother well. He’s a smart again and hopefully, he’ll realize that life does not have to end with an appalling experience such as the one he encountered with the company he worked for.